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Cycling Price Comparison

exactly what it say's on the label!

What can we find for you?

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Cycling Price Comparison - BikeHobby

exactly what it say's on the label!

What can we find for you?

Search or browse by merchant, category or brand

Cycling Price Comparison - BikeHobby

exactly what it say's on the label!

What can we find for you?

Search or browse by merchant, category or brand

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Orbea Gain M20 Ultegra 11speed Electric Road Bike

The new motor (EBIKEMOTION X35 PLUS) in the Orbea Gain M20 is the bike’s beating heart and a vital component of the ‘Enough Energy’ idea. Its advanced transmission system provides smooth, balanced, and dependable pedaling assistance at levels that allow you to increase your rides without making them too easy on or off the road. When the power assist is turned off, you’ll notice smoother pedaling without any resistance because the motor is situated on the wheel axle rather than the bottom bracket.

Orbea have modified the engine maps, bringing the assistance mode closer to the natural rolling qualities that you’d expect on a manual bike, by including a new Torque Simulation Algorithm into the motor, which translates to a stronger natural reaction in pedal help.
In addition, a new display with a larger screen and improved legibility is being introduced, without sacrificing the vital road information or aid level selection buttons.

Orbea M20 Ultegra Electric Road Bike Image

By decreasing the height of the bottom bracket and narrowing the bases, the new geometry gives more security. The bike is more stable than ever before, thanks to its lower center of gravity, without sacrificing its quick handling and reaction time.

Internal cable routing is carefully led beneath the stem and through the head tube, with no rub or rattle, and is designed for both traditional and electronic shifting systems. Airflow is smoothed and easily adjusted thanks to proprietary headset spacers.

Another element that will improve your trip is fully integrated lighting. This year’s Gain is safer and more useful than ever, with head and tail lamps that signal your presence at all hours of the day and night. The Gain is ready for the road with full-time running lights and an optional high beam light.

The Gain features only one external wire connection, which allows the bike’s back wheel to be removed. This cable is neatly placed beneath the chainstay and hidden by a nicely integrated.

Tubeless tyres (700×30) are fitted as standard on all Gain Road models for enhanced safety, efficiency, and comfort.

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2022 Specialized Kenevo SL Electric Mountain Bike

as of 15 August 2022 08:55

The New Specialized Kenevo SL is now available. The Kenevo SL is all you need to slay even the most challenging monster tracks, and it's available now. For E-MTB handling, Specialized has set the bar high. The new Kenevo is more responsive, lighter, and more dependable than its predecessors. Six-way adjustable geometry, a super-light carbon fiber frame, and the intuitive Turbo Super Light System are among the highlights.

With the Kenevo Super Light, you can take trail riding to the next level and tear the biggest trails like never before. Kenevo SL is a one-of-a-kind E-MTB designed by trail riders for trail riders, offering a previously unreachable mix of lightweight, responsiveness, and capability. The Enduro's renowned trail prowess, combined with the clever Turbo Super Light System, provides you the ability to overcome any obstacle.

The Kenevo SL's backbone is a full monocoque FACT 11M Carbon Fibre Frame, which is a marvel of composite manufacturing. Kenevo has been completely redesigned for improved handling and weight reductions. The stiffness of the chassis has been optimized to reduce unnecessary flex, ensuring that the front and rear wheels track precisely for predictable handling.

The Kenevo SL from Specialized is meant to set the standard for all-mountain E-MTB handling, with six-way adjustability added to the Enduro's famous shape. Because of its changeable geometry, the Kenevo Super Light can be tweaked to offer exactly the ride you want no matter where or how you ride.

Head angle can be set at 62.5, 63.5, or 64.5-degrees. Bottom bracket height can be fine-tuned up or down by 6mm.

More 2022 Bikes to follow soon...!

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