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A wrong turn 'that was a blessing in the end' – The misstep that may have saved Lachlan Morton's Unbound

An enormous amount of preparation, endurance and mental toughness is a given for those who want to succeed at the Unbound Gravel 200 but another thing that is also regularly referred to as an essential ingredient is luck, particularly at those crucial moments that could make or break a race. For winner Lachlan Morton (EF Education-Easypost) that crucial moment came less than halfway through the race in the Flint HIlls of Kansas.

“I attacked solo with 120 miles to go, like an idiot,” Morton told Cycling News via email. “I just felt like the race needed to open up early for me to have the best shot and wound up solo. I missed a turn and when I rejoined the bunch were right on me.”

SOURCE: CyclingNews   (go to source)
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