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Women’s WorldTeam Canyon-SRAM announced earlier this month that they would create a development squad for 2022 and now applications for the Continental-level team have opened.

“Cycling in general and professional women‘s cycling, in particular, is not accessible for many women around the world,” the team said in a press release. “Our goal is to make the sport diverse and inclusive by developing and fostering promising talents that currently have no or only limited access to cycling.”

Canyon-SRAM – which also offers a spot on its top tier team through the Zwift Academy each year – said there will be eight places available on the development squad and while there are areas it is targeting, applications are open to all those who meet the requirements. 

“Rider recruitment focus will be on, but not limited to, Africa, Asia, and South America,” said Canyon-SRAM.

Those who are successfully admitted to the team will benefit from “supervised training, individual coaching, mentorship, a structured racing program, and stagiaire opportunities at Canyon-SRAM Racing. Off the bike, riders will enter the team’s Diversity and Inclusion program as well as benefit from an infrastructure formed to support top performance.”

With very few development pathways for female professional cyclists to enter the top level of the sport, the team are hoping to create a structure wherein riders are given opportunities to grow and develop. 

“Development takes time and commitment,” the team said, adding that contracts will run for one or two years.

The criteria for applicants is listed on the team’s website. The deadline for applications for the Canyon-SRAM Development Team is Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

Criteria for applicants:

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AUTHOR: Amy Jones
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