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Daniel Arroyave (EF Education-Nippo) was hit by a driver of a car during a training ride in the Antioquia region of Colombia on Tuesday.

The 21-year-old was riding with two other cyclists when he was struck, according to news outlet Wieleflits. Arroyave was shown in photos from social media posts sitting on a patch of grass, with his helmet and shoes off and holding his right elbow. The photos also showed heavy damage to his bicycle, the frame snapped in pieces. 

“Thank god it’s nothing serious. I’m fine. I just have some lacerations from the crash,” Arroyave said in a video message. “I want to ask drivers to be more aware of people on bikes and on foot.

“Today it was me, tomorrow it could be someone else, and it could be a life [lost]. Equipment can be replaced, but not a life. I want to urge people to look out for one another. We all share the same road.”

The extent of his injuries, beyond his personal assessment of ‘some lacerations’, was unknown at the time of writing, as well as details about his two riding companions.

The young Colombian had just completed his first of two years with EF Education-Nippo, where he was fourth in the mountains classification at the Tour de Pologne. Two years ago he was fifth in the under-23 individual time trial at nationals and followed that the next year by winning the U23 national road race title.

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