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Justin Williams (L39ION of Los Angeles) returned to the winner’s circle Sunday at the second day of the Salt Lake Criterium held in Holladay, Utah. 2019 USA CRITS overall champion Thomas Gibbons (Automatic Racing) took second ahead of a charging Travis McCabe (Best Buddies Racing).

“I love this shit! The team road out their skins and let me play amongst the wolves at the end. Good thing I’m a ‘lion’,” Justin Wiliams wrote on his Instagram feed. 

The weekend of racing in Utah featured the third and fourth stop of the national series for USA CRITS. New for 2021 was a second day of racing in Holladay, 20 minutes south of the state capitol. The hilly, quadrilateral course on wide avenues with sweeping turns challenged riders with its elevation of 4,465 feet (1,361 metres) above sea level in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains and seering summer temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aggressive racing over the hour saw multiple attacks early, with the first a trio of riders, Gage Hecht (Aevolo), Ian Anderson (Space City Development) and Danny Summerhill (Best Buddies Racing), who was the lap leader in the fourth race of the series. With under 20 laps to go, the field was back together. 

L39ION of Los Angeles attacked for a couple of laps, but then it was all Justin Williams to jump from the bunch in the closing metres for the win.

It was the third USA CRITS win in four tries for Justin Williams, who finished third in Saturday’s Salt Lake Criterium – Gateway event behind his teammates Tyler Williams and brother Cory. With the victory Sunday, he extends his overall USA CRITS series lead, with Gibbons in second place.

Harriet Owen takes back-to-back wins in Utah

In the pro women’s division, Harriet Owen (InstaFund Racing) scored back-to-back wins in Utah, throwing her bike across the line to cross the line in Holladay ahead of Mia Kilburg (DNA Pro Cycling Team), who was third best in Saturday’s contest. Third place went to Rachel Langdon (Instafund Racing).

Coming into the doubleheader of races the women’s overall standings for the series was led by Skylar Schneider (L39ION of Los Angeles), who raced at Intelligentsia Cup in Illinois rather than Utah. Owen now leads the overall standings of the series with Langdon in second.  

The next stop and fifth race of 10 for USA CRITS will be July 31 in Colorado for the Audi Denver Littleton Twilight Criterium.

Full results – pro men
Pos. Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Justin Williams (L39ION of Los Angeles) 1:10:40
2 Thomas Gibbons (Automatic Racing)
3 Travis McCabe (Best Buddies Racing)
4 Andrew Giniat (CS Velo Racing)
5 Scott McGill (Aevolo)
6 Sebastian Cano (Aminorip Factory Racing)
7 Conor Mullervy (Team CLIF Bar Cycling)
8 Josh Carling (Voler Factory Team p/b OVCB)
9 Sean Burger (CS Velo Racing)
10 Sean McElroy (Aevolo)
11 Cyrus Pearo (Primal-Audi Denver)
12 Canyon Emmott (ELBOWZ Racing)
13 Cristhian Ravelo (CS Velo Racing)
14 Davey Dawson (Automatic Racing)
15 Galen Erickson (Gene Johnson Cycling Team)
16 Tyler Locke (BSCG / Support Clean Sport / Guttenplan Coach)
17 Tyler Williams (L39ION of Los Angeles)
18 Kaler Marshall (Hangar 15 Bicycles Elite Racing)
19 Lance Abshire (Space City Development Team)
20 Michael Hernandez (Best Buddies Racing)
21 Spencer Moavenzadeh (ButcherBox Cycling)
22 Sam Lear (BSCG / Support Clean Sport / Guttenplan Coach)
23 Adam Schepps (ButcherBox Cycling)
24 Chris Tolley (ELBOWZ Racing)
25 Tony Baca (Aminorip Factory Racing)
26 Kevin Mullervy (Team CLIF Bar Cycling)
27 Johnny Mitchell (Robson Forensic P/B Milligan Cycling)
28 Tyler Stites (Aevolo)
29 Joe Waters (Hangar 15 Bicycles Elite Racing)
30 Chris Baker (Nashville Local Cycling)
31 Wyatt Gaulke (BSCG / Support Clean Sport / Guttenplan Coach)
32 Brendan Rhim (Automatic Racing)
33 Chad Nichols (Team Gerard – LAUNCHPAD CYCLING)
34 Kyle Tiesler (BSCG / Support Clean Sport / Guttenplan Coach) 0:00:12
35 Ethan Frankel (Voler Factory Team p/b OVCB)
36 Pat Casey (Hangar 15 Bicycles Elite Racing)
37 John Harris (ButcherBox Cycling)
38 Lance Haidet (L39ION of Los Angeles)
39 Felipe Nystrom (Gene Johnson Cycling Team)
40 Osias Lozano (Robson Forensic P/B Milligan Cycling)
41 Daniel Swan (Automatic Racing) 0:00:16
42 Stefan Rothe (ELBOWZ Racing) 0:00:17
43 Spencer Jones (ELBOWZ Racing) 0:00:18
44 Tj Killelea (Nashville Local Cycling) 0:00:25
45 Ryan Wei (Team CLIF Bar Cycling)
46 Blake Anton (Voler Factory Team p/b OVCB)
47 Dalton Collins (Automatic Racing) 0:00:30
48 James Wilson (Aminorip)
49 Taylor Warren (CS Velo Racing)
50 Gabriel Shipley (Aevolo)
51 Jon Wells (Primal-Audi Denver) 0:00:37
52 Alex Carmona (BSCG / Support Clean Sport / Guttenplan Coach) 0:00:50
53 Gage Hecht (Aevolo) 0:00:54
54 Allan Schroeder (CS Velo Racing)
55 Will Gleason (CS Velo Racing)
56 Brady Reed (Space City Development Team) 0:01:01
57 Cade Bickmore (Aevolo) 0:01:06
58 Eric Marcotte (Best Buddies Racing) 0:01:39
59 Daniel Summerhill (Best Buddies Racing) 0:01:40
60 Maximo Rojas (Good Guys Racing NYC P/B HighWa) 0:01:44
61 Lachlan Holliday (Robson Forensic P/B Milligan Cycling)
62 Samuel Boardman (L39ION of Los Angeles)
63 Ruben Companioni (Best Buddies Racing) 0:01:47
64 Rob Smallman (Hangar 15 Bicycles Elite Racing)
65 Paul Warner (Team CLIF Bar Cycling)
66 Justin Bolde (Aminorip Factory Racing)
67 Lucas Clarke (Primal-Audi Denver)
68 Lee Yarbro (Nashville Local Cycling)
69 Pending Entry (Robson Forensic P/B Milligan Cycling)
70 JD Bergmann (Team CLIF Bar Cycling)

Full results – pro women
Pos. Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Harriet Owen (InstaFund Racing) 0:57:28
2 Mia Kilburg (DNA Pro Cycling Team)
3 Rachel Langdon (InstaFund Racing)
4 Matilda Raynolds (Fearless Femme Racing)
5 Holly Breck (Rally Cycling)
6 Sofia Arreola (Team Twenty24)
7 Ava Hachmann (Levine Law Group Elite Womens)
8 Celine Oberholzer (ATX Wolfpack p/b Jakroo)
9 Tina Pic (Colavita/HelloFresh Pro Womens)
10 Jane Tullis (Aminorip/ExtraSweet)
11 Cara O’Neill (Levine Law Group Elite Womens)
12 Shayna Powless (Team Twenty24)
13 Maggie Coles-Lyster (DNA Pro Cycling Team)
14 Kaitlyn Agnew (ATX Wolfpack p/b Jakroo)
15 Christina Gokey-Smith (Colavita/HelloFresh Pro Womens)
16 Rachel Geiter (Liquid Velo)
17 Natalia Franco Villegas (Team Twenty24)
18 Brittany Parffrey (Colavita/HelloFresh Women Pro Womens)
19 Allison McCurry (Automatic Racing)
20 Kimberly Lucie (DNA Pro Cycling Team)
21 Liza Rachetto (DNA Pro Cycling Team) 0:00:07
22 Jaime Larmer (Roxo Racing)
23 Julie Kuliecza (ATX Wolfpack p/b Jakroo)
24 Kristen Arnold (ATX Wolfpack p/b Jakroo)
25 Tracy Carrington (Roxo Racing)
26 Kara Lilly (Automatic Racing)
27 Heather Albert (Hanger 15 Bicycles)
28 Nicole Jurisch (Roxo Racing)
29 Allison Schroeder (Levine Law Group Elite Womens)
30 Sarah Schuetter (Robson Forensic P/B Milligan Cycling)
31 Valentina Chacin (Aminorip/ExtraSweet)
32 Shannon Koch (Colavita/HelloFresh Women Pro Womens)
33 Sierra Sims (Robson Forensic P/B Milligan Cycling)
34 Carolyn Defoore (United Cycling)
35 Aileen Pannecoucke (Zone Five Racing) 0:00:11
36 Hayley Bates (Levine Law Group Elite Womens)
37 Ingrid Smallman (Zone Five Racing)
38 Melanie Wong (ATX Wolfpack p/b Jakroo) 0:00:14
39 Rachel Canning (Levine Law Group Elite Womens)
40 Lauren Koon (United Cycling)
41 Charlotte Backus (Team Twenty24) 0:00:18
42 Michelle Henry (Roxo Racing) 0:00:22
43 Mia Cheeseman (Automatic Racing
44 Brenna Wrye-Simpson (DNA Pro Cycling Team) 0:00:25
45 Haley Smith (ATX Wolfpack p/b Jakroo) 0:00:31
46 Krystal Burnham (Robson Elite P/B Milligan Cycling) 0:00:34
47 Samantha Quijano (Fearless Femme Racing) 0:00:44
48 Sara Rains (Colavita/HelloFresh Pro Womens) 0:00:55
49 Chelsea Smith (Automatic Racing) 0:02:28
50 Hannah Dalsing (Roxo Racing)
51 Lisa Neumueller (Robson Forensic P/B Milligan Cycling) 0:02:42
52 Chelsea Ready (Automatic Racing)
53 Tamra Roberts (United Cycling)
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