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Justine Barrow and Julien Gagne fly the coop to claim victory at Gravel Locos

It was a pair of decisive victories at the Gravel Locos 150 over the weekend as Australian champion Justine Barrow and Julien Gagne flew the coop and carved out clear cut solo victories in Hico, Texas.

Gagne claimed the men’s 147 mile (237km) race with 6,285 feet (1916m) of climbing in 6:34:22 with Niki Terpstra nearly three minutes back in second and Adam Roberge close behind in third. It was a long solo that led the Canadian to victory, with Gagne taking off after the group had thinned to around ten riders when there was still more than 100km left to go.

A win in Gravel Locos also bodes well for what’s next, with the race a key lead in event for the rapidly approaching June 1 race of Unbound Gravel. 

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Men’s top 5
Position Rider Time
1 Julien Gagne 6:34:22
2 Nikki Terpstra +2:46
3 Adam Roberge +2:56
4 Jasper Ockeloen +3:24
5 Ivar Slik +3:45
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Women’s top 5
Position Rider Time
1 Justine Barrow 7:30:06
2 Marisa Boaz +14: 09
3 Emily Newsom +34:56
4 Lucy Hempstead +47:05
5 Laura King +48:32

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