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National Track Championships 2024: Jody Cundy wins national title on return

Jody Cundy marked his return to the track after a stint on the dancefloor with a comfortable win at the National Track Championships in Manchester.

The five-time Paralympic cycling champion, who took part in last year’s Strictly Come Dancing, retained his C4-5 national time trial title.

Cundy, 45, clocked one minute 4.527 seconds, with Blaine Hunt and Archie Atkinson placing second and third.

“It’s nice to be back doing something I know how to do,” Cundy told BBC Sport.

“It’s good to get a marker here because we’re racing the World Championships in four weeks. It’s a really important year, so to have a first ride and be in the right ballpark is really nice.”

In the aftermath of last year’s National Championships, former swimmer Cundy spoke in an emotional social media post of being at his “lowest” and “struggling”, but 12 months on he enters the Paris Paralympic year having been boosted by his Strictly experience.

“If I look back to where I was 12 months ago… yes, I had the jersey but it was one of my low points, so to start this year’s competitions and be feeling good about my riding… I’m enjoying it again,” said Cundy, who also has 20 world titles on the track.

“The confidence I got from doing Strictly… it was nice to go away from the sport for a while, and then to come back with the motivation to keep on doing it.

“Other than being injured or ill, I’ve never really taken time away from sport – and this is my 30th year of being a GB athlete. So to go away, do Strictly, have that experience and exposure and then pick up where we left off is really nice.”

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