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Image of Peaty's Tyre Brush

Make light work of bringing your tyres back to factory fresh with this unique wide-headed grime grafter. The stepped bristle heights help to wrap around the curve of your tyres to increase surface contact area & maximise cleaning performance. The bristles run 90 degrees to the handle to enable you to comfortably stand to the side of your bike while cleaning.Durable, stiff bristlesStepped height bristles help wrap around the tyre and maximise surface contactBristles run 90 degrees to the handle for ease of cleaningMade from waxed beech woodLaser etched Peaty's logo on the handle

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Best Price: £7.00 from Tweeks Cycles

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Tweeks Cycles Peaty's Tyre Brush £7.00 Visit Store
Leisure Lakes Bikes Peatys Tyre Brush £8.09 Visit Store

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