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Image of Saris Protect-O-Pads

Nobody wants to see their bike get damaged when mounted to a cycle carrier. This is where Saris' Protect-O-Pads come in. Provides protective padding for bikes when multiple bikes are mounted to a carrierPads easily slip over top tube of bike frame and stop bikes from contacting each otherSet of 4 padsThe Protect-O-Pads provide a buffer between bikes when mounted to a cycle carrier, keeping the bikes away from each other and ensuring there is no contact between them. No contact, means no damage, so you can throw the bikes on the rack until yours hearts content safe in the knowledge you won't be causing any damage, cosmetic or otherwise. The pads slide easily over the bikes top tube and are...

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Best Price: £11.69 from Tweeks Cycles, Tredz Limited

Stockist Catalogue Product Name Price  
Tweeks Cycles Saris Protect-O-Pads £11.69 Visit Store
Tredz Limited Saris Protect-O-Pads £11.69 Visit Store

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