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Simon Pellaud (Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec) has been sidelined from competing at the Tour of Turkey after testing positive for COVID-19 ahead of the race that kicked off on Sunday in Konya.

“Spring’s still not here yet. Alone in quarantine after a positive COVID test just arrived in Nevşehir three days ago. (Had two negative test at home before travelling) 100% asymptomatic. It will be 7 (or more) very very long days. I just hope to soon get my bike and a HT,” Pellaud wrote in a post on Twitter on Sunday.

Pellaud was expected to take to the start of the Tour of Turkey’s opening stage, which had been shortened and relocated to Konya, due to excessive amounts of snow in Cappadocia. 

He confirmed that two pre-race tests came back negative for COVID-19 prior to travelling to Nevşehir, Turkey, for the original start of stage 1. However, a third test returned as positive for the virus and he is now in quarantine while the rest of his team competes at the Tour of Turkey.

Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec have six riders now competing in the Tour of Turkey; Matteo Malucelli, Ziga Herman, Josip Rumac, Eduardo Sepulveda, Nicola Venchiarutti and Marti Vigo.

Malucelli finished 21st on stage 1, the highest placed rider from his team, as Arvid de Kleijn (Rally Cycling) took the victory ahead of Kristoffer Halvorsen (Uno-X) and Pierre Barbier (Delko).

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