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Supersapiens stops shipping sensors and terminates all memberships

Earlier today Supersapiens sent a customer email announcing a restructuring what sounds suspiciously like the end of the operation of the business as we know it and those heading to the Supersapiens website are also now greeted with a similar statement.

In the email the company outlined “significant changes” and a “strategic restructuring” that will impact the service going forward. As stated in the email, all sensors will immediately stop shipping, there will be no more app updates or customer support, and all memberships are now terminated. 

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce a significant transition in our operations,” the company said on its website. “This period of strategic restructuring is both a reflection of our commitment to our mission and an acknowledgment of the evolving landscape in which we operate. Despite these changes, our core mission—to empower athletes with innovative insights into their performance—remains steadfast.”

In the email it also spelled out that the Supersapiens app will continue to function for the foreseeable future. This allows continued use as your existing supplies remain though it’s clearly aimed at winding down. Along with the loss of support, third-party integrations will stop working and the company recommends “reviewing any connected services to adjust your settings accordingly.” 

The customer Dashboard remains available only until March 31, 2024. This corresponds to the 45-60 days of historical data within the app. Supersapiens recommends downloading and saving “any data you wish to retain” while it’s still available. 

This news comes almost exactly a year after athlete Kristen Faulkner received a disqualification  from the Strade Bianche Women for wearing a continuous glucose monitoring sensor during the race. 

At the time, Faulkner maintained that her sensor was not connected to her phone during Strade Bianche. The UCI however was clear that article 1.3.006bis of the UCI Regulations is not limited to sensors that are actively transmitting. Instead saying. “UCI rules make it clear that ‘devices which capture other physiological data, including any metabolic values such as but not limited to glucose or lactate, are not authorised in competition’. 

Supersapiens highlights athletes using the device in non-UCI regulated events such as Race Across the West and gravel racing on the company blog. The brand also highlights a number of uses related to training. Still without a breakthrough moment, “considerable efforts to navigate an increasingly challenging business environment” don’t seem to have been enough.

Though, after thanking those who have joined them on the journey, Supersapiens was far from calling it an end in the announcement, instead referring to it as a new chapter on the website message.

“As we step into this new chapter, we are filled with optimism and excitement for what the future holds, confident that it will be as passionate, dedicated, and committed to excellence as the path we have traveled together.”

Cycling News has reached out to the company for comment and further information on the situation.

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