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Race Results:

Tour du Faso – 2021

Burkina Faso
Date 29th October – 7th November
CAT 2.2


Pos Rider Team Time UCI
01 Daniel Bichlmann Team KIBAG-OBOR-CKT 40
DNF Mohamed Nehari Algeria
DNF Honore Kinnouhezan Benin
DNF Seibou Mohamed Benin
DNF Jordan Kamdem Fodjo Cameroon
DNF Adou Allomin Ivory Coast
DNF Porolohi Soro Ivory Coast
DNF Sadou Diallo Regione L’Ouest
DNF Tiano Da Silva ProTouch
DNF Mitchell Eliot ProTouch
DNF Moise Mugisha ProTouch
DNF Callum Ormiston ProTouch
DNF Fabio Dias Team Embrace The World Cycling
DNF David Kramer Team Embrace The World Cycling
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