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Visma-Lease a Bike scoops up Femke de Vries in mid season signing

Dutch cyclist Femke de Vries has made such a mark while racing with continental team, GT Krush Rebellease, that Visma-Lease a Bike have scooped the 30-year-old up mid-season.

The rider, who took up cycling at 23 after after being lent a road bike by her uncle, has been racing with the continental team since the start of 2022. By 2023 she had worked her way up to the podium at UCI races, taking second place in the final stage of the 2.1 ranked Baloise Ladies Tour and then last month she was second overall at the 2.2 ranked Tour de Feminin, gathering a second and third in stage 2 and 3 along the way.

“I am good at longer efforts. Though my acceleration could probably be improved. I have mainly process goals because I want to get better every day.”

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